WaterCloud is cloud-based software service that automates land classification for target water consumption modeling and to calculate tiered water rates

The service classifies land cover with computer learning (AI) and high resolution imagery to calculate individual property target consumption rates to meet conservation goals, combined with ability to model implementation of different tiered rates.


Automatic irrigable land cover calculation

WaterCloud is based on individual land cover type and area calculations for each individual parcel. We use high resolution aerial imagery and artificial neural network algorithms to distinguish ground cover surface materials such as trees, shrubs, and grass from man made surfaces such as pools, driveways, and roofing.

It makes it possible to calcualte and analyze total area of each kind of surface in scale of the whole district. These data are used to scientifically calculate the target water consumption.

Automatic water usage calculation

It is estimated that up to 80% of the potential additional water conservation savings for the 20x2020 targets is in outdoor consumption. Using the calculated areas and types of irrigated land for each land lot we apply ET rates (evapotranspiration), which provides the scientific basis for calculation of the appropriate target water consumption rates by individual land configuration.

Water Cloud provides automatic calculation of the total amount of both indoor and outdoor water usage for each individual parcel and a whole district. Our calculations are based on California Department of Water Resources published target methodologies and CIMIS data program for an accurate and equitable calculation of target water consumption rates tailored to every individual property.

The outcome is to be able to inexpensively and automatically identify over consumers of water to effect conservation measures to achieve the district's water conservation goals.

Optimal tier rate recommendation by property

Based on the very precise target water consumption calculations Water Cloud employes methods to model the revenue effects of tiered water rates based on classification of water consumption.

Using the information of target water allocation for each parcel and water meter readings, our service analyzes consumption and determines wasteful water consumers. It also provides the possibility to apply a multi-tier rates to them.

This instrument allows water districts to figure out the most wasteful water consumers, to whom higher rates should be applied to provide stable revenue, and promote an importance of water use reduction among population to meet 20X2020 goals.

Tiered water rates require the equitable calculation of each individual's property configuration. Water Cloud's scientific methods clearly demonstrate the justification of tiered rates based on water efficiencies. Adopting tiered water rates has been critical for water districts to maintain revenues while at the same time reducing their overall water consumption in the face of state mandated water conservation programs.

Cloud-based Subscription Service

Water Cloud is an online, Software-as-a-Service application, that updates the analyses automatically including: cadastral (tax property); CIMIS (ET rates); imagery, etc. With a graphical, easy to use interface, Water Cloud provides numerous analytics and reports for daily, to monthly, to annual consumption rates, revenues, and instant alerts. As well, Water Cloud provides way to incorporate information on your branded web site whether it be target conservation program or methodologies for tiered water rates.

We have already analyzed your district

Water Cloud has obtained all the cadastral, CIMIS, and imagery for the State of California and completed the analyses for both Target Water Rate calculations and the "Playground" to model Tiered Rate structures based on your actual populations unique attributes. EOSDA can provide you a free trial of your own actual district. We have already built the analyses. Contact us and let us prove to you the product capabilities and your ability to demonstrate the results to you colleagues.